by Corey – November 28, 2018

It’s finally available my freaky fiends! Robert McGinley’s highly anticipated cyberpunk, musical, thriller DANGER DIVA is not only available now on DVD, it’s packaged with the complete soundtrack on vinyl from Grey Zone Music and In case you have no clue what I’m talking about here’s a brief synopsis:

“Devi (Molly Sides) is the singer of a rock band in the near future. Her fans don’t really want to hear anything other than the hard rocking sounds. She strives for something more, there’s another side to her voice she wants people to hear but is limited to an extent. She loves her band but needs to branch out a bit on her own just to flex her vocal prowess. She auditions for an opera which captures the attention of tech millionaire Stanley Arkoff (Tim Gouran) who wants her to take the lead. This involves having an implant which will not only enhance her voice but allow her to use it in order to control and sooth the corporate employees whose energy works as an external processor for the advancement of the high tech millionaires. Stanley appears to have her best interests at heart but the truth is, he’s dying. He plans to have his consciousness extracted upon death but he needs a child to implant it into so he can live on after death. As Devi begins to learn the truth, she has to learn to use the only resource she has available to her, her voice, in order to expose the truth of the situation.”

I reviewed the film several months back and if you would like to read my full thoughts on the film you can do so here. Just to give a brief idea of how I felt, the movie is filled with big, confusing ideas and done so on a limited budget. The filmmaker, along with his cast and crew, pulled together a highly unique experience that drags you through a full series of emotions in under two hours. The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. Side A hosts the songs featured in the film while the B side contains the score. The score by Regan Remy is nothing short of hypnotic. It’s laced with classical overtones with a hint of industrial and techno madness. If you just want to sit back the score will most certainly help transport you to a dark, magical place. The A side of the soundtrack contains the vocal talents of the film’s star Molly Sides and her band Thunderpussy. They’re a hard rock band from Seattle, Washington and these ladies rock! The opening track “Takin You Over” comes out swinging and Molly’s vocals remind me a bit of Patti Smith on it. This whole package is worth every penny. It contains an entire experience, both visual and audio, brilliant physical media you can hold in your hands so you can show it off to friends. If you’re craving some analog, then consume this and all it has to offer.

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