“…a cautionary fable about a perhaps not-too-distant future.”

“Molly Sides gives a terrific performance as Devi…”

– Northwest Music Scene

“…look into the future darkly with Danger Diva”

“In the grand tradition of pulp science-fictiona hellzapoppin’ finale”

“Sides is tough, vulnerable, wounded, pissed off … goes to town in the leading role”

“Danger Diva sports one of the best acting ensembles…” 

– City Arts

“…think being a cyborg might be cool someday, this film is probably right for you.”

“Danger Diva is the ‘90s sc-fi of the future…”

– Capitol Hill Times

“Musical guinea pig…evil scientists, miracle babies, and brainwashed worker bees…Robert McGinley’s sci-fi musical (DANGER DIVA) is a zippy affair.”

– the Stranger


Danger Diva (2017)

TroyAnderson — Danger Diva is an amazing idea. As a film, it took me awhile to enjoy. Given that modern Western fiction is giving way to Altered Carbon and Black Mirror, this material shouldn’t feel that out of place. Yet the musical element forces you to examine it from a different angle.

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Slack Jaw Punks – It’s finally available my freaky fiends! Robert McGinley’s highly anticipated cyberpunk, musical, thriller DANGER DIVA is not only available now on DVD, it’s packaged with the complete soundtrack on vinyl from Grey Zone Music and

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I am woman, hear me roar: “Danger Diva” in Seattle

Northwest Music Scene — Ten years ago, the film “Danger Diva” might have seemed total fantasy. Now it’s a cautionary fable about a perhaps not-too-distant future. Shot in Seattle over a hectic 20 days in 2015, “Danger Diva” is the story of Devi, a…

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‘Danger Diva’ Looks Into the Future, Darkly

City Arts — It says a lot that writer/director Robert McGinley’s Seattle-made indie flick Shredder Orpheus still feels prescient. The 1989 sci-fi rock ’n’ roll opus might be a resolutely ‘80’s funhouse-mirror of a movie, but it posits a dystopian…

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“Danger Diva” is the ’90s sci-fi of the future

Capitol Hill Times — Robert McGinley spent the better part of two decades making “Danger Diva” happen, then spent a little more than 20 days shooting the film entirely in Seattle — when you see a skyline, it isn’t Vancouver with the Space Needle superimposed…

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LOCAL SIGHTINGS > Danger Diva > Recommended

The Stranger — It’s hard to imagine a better futuristic, Seattle-set whatsit than Alan Rudolph’s Trouble in Mind, where Divine played a heavy and Seattle played Rain City. If Danger Diva isn’t quite on that level, Robert McGinley’s sci-fi musical is a zippier affair.

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